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Why is the world going ebike?


E-bikes have become a viable alternative to cars and scooters. They’re better for the environment than traditional bikes, and they’re great for health and fitness. You don’t need to be fit to ride an ebike; instead, you can use an electric bike as part of your daily commute. Even better yet: if you don’t want to pedal yourself up hills or just want a quick boost while riding on flat ground, you can use an electric motor instead! The market is exploding with all sorts of different models and styles (including ones that fold up), so it’s never been easier or more exciting to get into this growing trend!

It’s a tech revolution

It’s a tech revolution.

The technology is improving all the time, and it’s changing how people think about transport, travel and exercise. It’s also helping people improve their health. It’s no wonder that e-bikes are becoming more popular than ever before!

E-bikes are now a viable alternative to cars and scooters

So why are e-bikes becoming more popular? For one thing, they’re cheaper to run than cars and scooters. If you choose a bike that has an electric motor, it’ll cost less in maintenance than a traditional bicycle over its lifetime–and even with the initial purchase price factored in, ebikes can still be cheaper than petrol for scooters or cars.

Electric bikes also offer some distinct advantages over regular bikes: they’re faster than their non-motorized counterparts (max speeds range from 20 km/h–around 12 mph–upwards of 50 km/h), which makes them ideal for commuting through London’s busy city streets; plus they have lower carbon footprints because they don’t require gasoline or other fossil fuels to operate.

You might think that these benefits come at a cost: namely weightier batteries that will make your ride harder on tired legs after long distances! But this isn’t necessarily true either: today’s batteries are lighter than ever before and often weigh less than 10 kgs (22 lbs).

They’re better for the environment than traditional bikes

Ebikes are better for the environment than traditional bikes. They use less energy and produce less pollution, which means they don’t require charging. That also makes them useful in remote areas where there’s no electricity to charge them, or where solar power can be used to charge them instead of fossil fuels.

They’re great for health and fitness

If you’re looking for a way to get in shape, an ebike might be the perfect solution. They give riders a boost as they pedal, which can help them reach their fitness goals faster than if they were riding a standard bike. And because ebikes use electricity instead of fossil fuels, they’re also better for the environment!

If you have joint pain or mobility issues that make it difficult for you to ride a regular bike, an electric one could be just what the doctor ordered (or rather–the physical therapist). You’ll still get all of the exercise benefits without having to strain yourself while doing so!

E-bikes are especially great if your commute includes hills or long distances–they’ll make those rides much easier on both your body and mind.

You don’t need to be fit to ride an ebike

The benefits of riding an ebike are not limited to those who are fit and strong. You can ride an ebike if you’re old or young, weak or disabled.

I’m not saying that people with disabilities shouldn’t take up cycling–far from it! But if someone is unable to walk, then it’s likely that they won’t be able to ride a normal bicycle (or even get on one). An electric bike provides access for more people than ever before by making it possible for riders of all ages, sizes and abilities to enjoy the freedom of getting around by bike without having to worry about fitness levels or physical strength.

You can also ride them with a pet or child on the back

Ebikes are great for people who want to take their pets with them in the city. Many e-bikes have racks on the back that can hold a basket or even another person. If you’re traveling with your dog, this is a perfect way to get around town!

The market is exploding!

The market is exploding!

Ebike sales are up, and they’re becoming more affordable. In the past two years alone, e-bike sales have increased by over 50%. This trend is expected to continue as more people discover how fun and convenient it can be to ride an e-bike.

And they’re becoming popular beyond commuters: You’ll find them being used for everything from errands around town to mountain biking on trails that would otherwise be inaccessible to non-powered riders.


It’s a no-brainer! Ebikes are great for getting around town, they’re good for the environment and they’re fun to ride. If you’ve been considering buying one, now is the time!


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